About Us

New Life Foundation is an international charitable organisation which was established in 2001 by Pastor Glorious and Josephine Shoo as a response to the desparate poverty affecting thousands of children in Tanzania.

It exists to provide one of the best methods of erradicating poverty in this developing country.  This method is the provision of a holistic education and 24/7 care of the most vulnerable children in Moshi and surrounding districts.

The foundation encompasses a boarding school (Fountain of Hope), babies home (Fountain of Zoe), a home for at-risk teenage girls (Fountain of Joy) and community outreach programmes (Fountain of Love).  Over 480 children are now being cared for, educated and loved at various sites around Moshi.

NLF is dedicated to ensuring that any child regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or financial circumstances is given the opportunity of an education, a loving home & support to enable them
to reach their potential and positivity effect their world. 

God gives vision and provision for the vision


Support a child - change the future

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