Fountain of Love

The Fountain of Love at New Life Foundation is the outreach and training department of this organisation.  It encompasses conferences, seminars, training, workshops and outreach ministries, both locally and internationally. 


Training Ministry

Pastor Glorious and Josephine Shoo are in demand to train workers for organisations such as Compassion International, Food for the Hungry, World Vision and other main denominational churches in Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Tanzania, USA and Norway.  Over 8,000 workers have been trained to minister effectively to children, over many years. Many of them make commitments to Christ while training, as the witness of the Shoo’s lives impacts their life.  Teams of childrens’ ministers from the international Christian community are hosted by NLF and trained by the Shoo’s to enable a deeper understanding of what ministry to children is and how children can and should be empowered to minister and outwork the love of Christ in their community and sphere of influence.


Street and Crusade Ministry

Tanzania does not restrict the public preaching of the Gospel of Christ, which allows for considerable freedom in the outreach workings of the Fountain of Love.  Students perform dramas, dances and worship songs and crowds are drawn and told of the love of Jesus.  Puppet shows and animal costumes are also used when connecting with street children.  Usually around 90% of the crowd will respond to the salvation message.  New Life Foundation then works with local churches that follow up on these converts and welcome them into a loving church family.



AIDS Awareness Ministry          

The Fountain of Love teams also take an excellent programme which shares the truth about AIDS, around public schools.  This information explains the AIDS issue to school children at an age appropriate level.  Often medical professionals accompany the team, which enhances the effectiveness of this project.  At the end of the sessions, the NLF team shares the message of hope about Jesus with the students and many lives are changed by power of the Gospel of Christ.


Student's Ministry

From around the age of 9 years old (or sometimes younger) students at New Life Foundation are involved on a voluntary basis in the Fountain of Love programme.  This may involve preaching, prayer, juvenile prison ministry, hospital visitation, street evangelism and open air crusades.  Many lives have been changed and members of the community healed and encouraged through the active prayers, love and kindness shown by the NLF students.


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