Fountain of Zoe

The Fountain of Zoe is a place of hope and restoration for Tanzania’s most vulnerable - babies that are abandoned due to poverty, disease or the death of their parents. They are rescued, have their urgent medical issues met and cared for at the Fountain of Zoe site, where a home has been built especially for them. This home was finished in 2006 after a 3 year building project that was funded by generous donations from overseas supporters.  The purpose built orphanage is situated 21 km from Fountain of Hope Primary School. It has facilities for 40-50 children from newborn to 4 years of age when they transition to the Nursery School.

There have been many miracles performed at Fountain of Zoe as the babies and young children are prayed over for various diseases and physical issues (including AIDS).  God has provided healing or a way whereby their sometimes considerable medical needs are met, so they are able to continue on with their lives - happy, healthy and loved.


God hears when children cry - do you?




God's heart hurts when children's hearts hurt

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