Sustainability Projects

University Land

A few years ago 20 acres of land was donated to NLF from one of our generous supporters.  This land has been set aside for the eventual building of the NLF University.  However, in the meantime each year this land has been planted in maize and beans to supplement the students diet.  Depending on the weather, the resulting harvest lasts from 5 to 8 months.  
A proposal has been created by Mr Mike Peens (a missionary agriculturalist) to establish a sustainable organic farming operation on this land.  Once this farm is in operation it will produce sufficient vegetables and protein (eggs, chicken, fish) to feed the staff and students all year round.  The farm will also produce out of season produce for sale and the resulting income will help to pay for the NLF staff wages.












It begins with a boundary of Neem and Moringa trees (which have insectiside and medicinal properties) that will be planted to protect and surround the farm.  Irrigation systems, organic vegetable plots, fish ponds and water storage tanks will also be installed.  This farm, when fully operational, will produce 10 different varieties of vegetables, biomass grasses that will produce compost, mulch, cattle and goat food and freshwater fish for the local restaurants and markets.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our organisation to become self funding, while simultaneously training the children in organic sustainable agriculture and providing employment to local construction and farm workers.


Nanny Goats

One of our USA sponsors has donated 3 nanny goats which are being housed at Fountain of Zoe, the NLF babies home.  The goats milk will be used to supplement the babies and toddlers diets.


Support a child - change the future

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