What is the mission statement of New Life Foundation?

Helping children overcome the limitations of poverty, life experiences, colour and background.

Where is New Life Foundation situated?

New Life Foundation is situated in Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa.  There are also international representatives of NLF worldwide, click here for contact details.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child through New Life Foundation?

It costs USD67 per month to sponsor a child through New Life Foundation.  99% of the sponsors funds are used for the education and care of the sponsored child and 1% is used to cover the administration costs of sponsorship.

Does New Life Foundation host mission teams?

Yes, details re Mission Trips are available from your country's NLF representative or NLF Tanzania.

Can I share sponsorship of a child at NLF with someone else?

Shared sponsorship is a wonderful way of being involved when budgets, circumstances or finances are not able to support a full sponsorship.  Details of shared sponsorships are available from your local NLF representative or contact NLF Tanzania.

How does a child sponsored at NLF impact their family and community life?

A child educated at NLF will bring hope, opportunity and faith to their family and local community. The life skills and excellence in education will ensure each child has the potential to earn an income substantially above that earned by many families without these opportunities.  Also their outreach experiences at NLF will prepare and encourage them to return to their local communities to contribute their skills, time and faith.

What does the cost of sponsoring a child cover regarding their care and education?

The monthly sponsorship payment covers all the costs of: school fees, daily meals, housing, uniforms, medical care, exam fees, stationery and any additional day to day expenses.  

Hows does the cost of sponsoring a child through NLF differ from those of other well known charitable organisations?

The cost of sponsoring a child through New Life Foundation can at times be more expensive than other well known charitable organisations.  This is due to New Life Foundation, Fountain of Hope being a Boarding School which means the children are cared for 24/7.  Their sponsorship costs cover clothes, uniforms, meals, stationery, medical care, exam fees etc.  The students at NLF receive a holistic education including life skills, excellence in education and community outreach programmes.  Other well known organisations sponsorships cover 1 meal per day, school fees, uniforms and some medical care.

How can I contact my sponsored child?

You can contact your sponsored child any time you chose, birthdays and Christmas are especially meaningful dates for them.  Gifts and cards are often sent through Mission Teams that may be travelling from your country - contact your local NLF office for details.  Cards and small gifts can be sent to the postal address for NLF Tanzania.  

How often will I hear from my sponsored child?

The sponsored students write letters and cards which are sent to their sponsors at Easter and Christmas each year.  For the nursery school and younger primary children who are still learning to write, they will often draw pictures and their teachers will write on their behalf.

Are there any other ways of supporting NLF financially, other than sponsoring a child?

The work that NLF does through the Fountain of Hope schools also includes building and expansion costs that are not covered by the sponsorship payments (as these go directly to the students).  One off donations or payments are also welcome, these can be facilitated by clicking on the 'donate today' button on the website Home page.

What is New Life Foundation's privacy policy regarding sponsors and the students?

All the correspondence to or from sponsored students or from the parent/caregiver is filtered through the Students Sponsorship Programme Department (NLF-SSP). This ensures privacy is maintained for the sponsors, the children and their relatives. Asking for money or anything from the sponsors is strictly forbidden and this behaviour is not tolerated from Parents/caregivers or any of the students.

Are there any volunteer positions available at New Life Foundation?

From time to time there are volunteering opportunities available at New Life Foundation.  If you are interested in serving in Tanzania, please contact your local NLF representative or alternatively contact Pastor Glorious & Josephine Shoo direct through email or their postal address.

What type of gifts are suitable to sent my sponsored child?

Gifts that are suitable to send to your sponsored child could include: Bible story books, drawing books, water colour paints, stickers, crayons, coloured pencils, small musical instruments, balls, toy cars, flash cards, shirts, shorts, clothes, t-shirts, pencils, your photo or family photos, devotional books for children, story books, hair brushes, games etc. 
Please note: When sending any parcel to your sponsored child, please do not write the value on the outside of the parcel. Just write "DONATED GIFTS" or "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE". Please send a letter separately showing the list of the things you have sent and indicate that the gift is a donation and there is no commercial value. This will help NLF to be exempted customs and duty charges.  

How are children selected for sponsorship?

Children in need of care and education funded by sponsorship are referred to NLF by social workers, pastors and community workers.  These children are then interviewed and their background and family circumstances confirmed before they are considered for sponsorship.  

Are all the children at NLF Fountain of Hope orphans?

The majority of students at NLF are orphans (over 60%), others may have just one parent who is often sick and unable to work.  The majority of the students at FOH come from difficult circumstances and their families/caregivers are unable to pay for their uniforms and supplies which are compulsary at state schools.  Without the support of sponsors and the FOH, they would receive very little education if any at all.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

This can be arranged through your local NLF representative or NLF Tanzania.  Sponsors have often come over to NLF, Tanzania as part of a Mission Team and enjoyed connecting and interacting with their sponsored children.  There is something quite unique about seeing your sponsored child/children face to face and it confirms visually how happy, healthy and well educated these children are.

Are my donations or sponsorship payments tax deductible?

The tax deductiblity of your sponsorship or donation payments depends entirely on which country you reside in.  Your local NLF representative office has the details of the tax position regarding your donations or you can contact NLF direct by email or post to request a receipt.

How well does Fountain of Hope compare with the performance of other schools in the same district?

Fountain of Hope students consistently perform better than many neighbouring schools.  The current grade 7 students all passed their recent district state exams.   In the Mathematical Association of Tanzania Junior 2010 Mathematics Contest - The 1st and 3rd prizes went to FOH students and a total of 11 students out of the top 30 were also students from FOH.

Any further questions, please feel free to contact us by email or post.



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