Sponsor a Child

We appreciate so much your interest in sponsoring a child through New Life Foundation.  

The current cost of sponsorship is NZD 70.00 per month (for New Zealand sponsors), NOK 300 per month (Norwegian sponsors) and USD 67.00 per month (USA sponsors).  This monthly payment covers 24 hour care of each student including: accommodation, 4 meals a day, clothing and school uniforms, textbooks, medical care, stationery and hygiene supplies etc.  We realise this cost is higher than other aid organisations, however most of these agencies provide just one meal a day and schooling as opposed to the NLF full time wholistic care of each child.  

Shared sponsorship is also available - please contact your local NLF office for further details (click here).

Our process around sponsorship is as follows:

1. Please chose a child/children that you are interested in sponsoring from the list below and make a note of their name.
Contact your local NLF office (click here) with the details of the child you wish to sponsor and they will process your request and setup your details.  The local NLF office will then get back to you with confirmation.
3. If you simply wish to make a one off Donation - please click here.


Date of Birth: 22 December 2011
Gender: Male 
Grade: Nursery
Ebenezer is an only child living with both of his parents.  The family is involved in small scale agriculture providing a low income - not enough for a good school for Ebenezer.  When he grows up Ebenezer wants to be a pilot.  He is a serious student and likes to write and help his mother at home.
Date of Birth: 3 August 2012
Gender: Male
Grade: Nursery
Benson lives in a village in Moshi with his mother and two grandparents.  His mother is unemployed so she depends financially on Benson's grandmother who is a security guard.  Benson's mother was a teenager at the time of his birth and his father is not connected to the family.  Benson loves plyaing with toy cars and eating rice and beans.
Date of Birth: 4 July 2012
Gender: Male 
Grade: Nursery
Lordgod lives with his parents in a single room in a nearby village.  He is the youngest in a family of four children.  His father carries luggage for people at a bus station and his mother works at a flower company earning a very low income.  Lordgod is a keen learner, is often happy and smiling and is doing well at school.
Date of Birth: 6 November 2013
Gender: Male 
Grade: Nursery
Ian is the youngest in a family of two children.  He lives with his parents in a single room.  His father is unemployed so his mother struggles to support the whole family including her mother and father in law who is blind.  At school Ian loves reading and has a great memory.  He wants to be a teacher when he grows up.
Date of Birth: 14 October 2013
Gender: Male 
Grade: Nursery
Ridhiwani lives with his mother and aunt after the death of his father in 2015.  He is the second child in a family of three children.  His mother has an eye problem and is unemployed so his aunt supports the whole family.  Ridhiwani likes to write and play with blocks.  He wants to be a policeman one day.
Date of Birth: 17 September 2012
Gender: Male 
Grade: Nursery
Evance lives in a village in Moshi and is the youngest in a family of four children.  His mother takes care of the children by herself after her husband abandoned the family.  She works at a flower company earning a very low income.  Evance likes to help his mum at home.  At school he likes English and wants to be a teacher one day.
Date of Birth: 9 April 2012
Gender: Male 
Grade: Nursery
Elias lives with his mother only as his father has died.  He is the youngest in a family of three children.  thier home is a small mud house.  His mother is doing some farming work but earns such a low income that sometimes the family misses to eat meals.  At school Elias loves playing with blocks and enjoys eating rice with meat.
Age: 7 years old
Gender: Female 
Grade: Pre-unit
Ester came to NLF from a distant town called Mbeya.  She was found by parents who have a child in our primary school.  They found Ester in a bad situation, she was roaming the streets at night begging for food.  Ester's mother died a long time ago, her father is very sick and unable to care for her.  With the father's agreement the parents bought Ester to NLF and she is in school and doing well.  Ester is outgoing and likes to talk, she wants to be a pilot when she grows up.
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female 
Grade: Pre-unit
Mary lives with both parents in a Moshi village.  She is the first born and has two younger siblings.  Her mother has no work and the father is struggling to find employment, so they are in a situation of poverty and are unable to pay the school fees for Mary.  Mary is happy all the time and really knows how to express herself.  She loves playing and reading.

Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Grade: 3
Issa comes from the Hadzabe tribe, a community of hunters and gatherers. This is one of the areas where NLF is giving children the opportunity of an education and holistic care. His dream is to be a Doctor in the future.


Date of Birth: 27 January 2004
Gender: Male
Grade: 5
Simon is from the Maasai tribe.  He lives with both parents and there are ten children in the family altogether.  His family engages in pastoralism including looking after 1,000 cows.  Simon came to NLF as part of a special program to support children from this area with education.  At home Simon likes to study Geography and he loves to play football.  His favourite subect is Maths and one day he wants to be an Engineer.

Date of Birth: 9 September 2002
Gender: Male
Grade: 10
Ramadhani comes from a Muslim family of five. He is raised by a single mother. His father’s whereabouts are unknown. His mother does not have a reliable income as she works by plaiting people’s hair. The income she gets is insufficient to pay for her family’s basic needs as well as providing a good education for her children.  What I like about NLF is: “worshipping true God, good moral teachings and the education they provide for us”, he says. Ramadhani’s ambition is to be an Electrical Engineer.
























































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