Sponsor a Child

We appreciate so much your interest in sponsoring a child through New Life Foundation.  

The current cost of sponsorship is NZD 70.00 per month (for New Zealand sponsors), NOK 300 per month (Norwegian sponsors) and USD 67.00 per month (USA sponsors).  This monthly payment covers 24 hour care of each student including: accommodation, 4 meals a day, clothing and school uniforms, textbooks, medical care, stationery and hygiene supplies etc.  We realise this cost is higher than other aid organisations, however most of these agencies provide just one meal a day and schooling as opposed to the NLF full time wholistic care of each child.  

Shared sponsorship is also available - please contact your local NLF office for further details (click here).

Our process around sponsorship is as follows:

1. Please chose a child/children that you are interested in sponsoring from the list below and make a note of their name.
Contact your local NLF office (click here) with the details of the child you wish to sponsor and they will process your request and setup your details.  The local NLF office will then get back to you with confirmation.
3. If you simply wish to make a one off Donation - please click here.


Age: 6 years
Gender: Male 
Grade: Pre-unit
Eligibo is the second child in a family of three children.  He lives in Chekereni village with both of his parents who are farmers.  Small scale farming is the only income the family has - barely enough to provide the basic needs of the family.  Funds for a good education isn't in the family budget but now Eligibo has that chance.  Eligibo likes to play football.  When he grows up he wants to be a train driver.


Age: 14 (4th Nov, 2004)

Gender: Female

Grade: Form One

Linda is a praise and worship team leader at school and loves to sing, dance and playing netball. Her mother died and the whereabouts of her father are unknown. Linda is now cared for by her uncle who works as a cook at New Life Foundation. One day Linda wants to become a doctor.


Date of Birth: 27 January 2004
Gender: Male
Grade: 5
Simon is from the Maasai tribe.  He lives with both parents and there are ten children in the family altogether.  His family engages in pastoralism including looking after 1,000 cows.  Simon came to NLF as part of a special program to support children from this area with education.  At home Simon likes to study Geography and he loves to play football.  His favourite subject is Maths and one day he wants to be an Engineer.


Age: 4 years (4 March 2015)
Gender: Female 
Grade: Nursery
Amanda is the fourth born among five children.  She lives with her mother only after the father separated with her mother.  Her mother who does not earn enough; engages herself in small business to support her large family.  Amanda would like to be a policewomen in the future.  She enjoys reading class at school.

Age: 5 years 
Gender: Female 
Grade: Pre-Unit
Carolina is an only child and lives with her mother and grandmother.  Her mother who has hearing problems; got pregnant while working as a live-in house cleaning girl and her employer fired her.  She returned to her paretns and sadly after a few months Carolina's grandfather died.  Carolina's grandmother does day work jobs at people's homes and is now the sole income earner in the home.  Carolina loves playing with dolls, eating and wants to be a doctor.

Age: 6 years (19 Feb 2013) 
Gender: Female 
Grade: Nursery
Princess lives with her mother, after the father abandoned her mother with two children.  The mother had no means of income, so came to find assistance at NLF.  She is now working as a caregiver but is unable to be able to fully support her family.  Princess would like to become a teacher when she grows up.

AMI VINCENT MTALO                                                                                    Age: 15Yrs (16 Sept 2003)

Gender: male

GRADE: Form 1

Ami is a third born in his family. He lives with both parents. His mother was one of the caregivers who worked at New Life Foundation for a long time. His father is a peasant. The income his family gets is not enough to support his education. Ami loves to play football and to read the bible. When he grows up he wants to be a soldier.


Age:  6 Yrs. (24 Jan, 2013)

Gender: Female

Grade:  Nursery

Namelock comes from the Maasai tribe. She lives with both her parents and extended family who are pastoralists. Her family does not earn enough to support her education. Moreover, schools are so few and a far off in their area she comes from.

She would like to become a teacher.


Age: 15Yrs  (14 Feb, 2004)

Gender: Male

Grade: Form One

Valentino is the last born in a family of five children. His father abandoned his family and left them with their mother. Valentino’s mother engages herself in petty business in Arusha, which is not enough to care and provide good education to her children.      

Valentino likes playing football and reading story books. He would like to be a tour guide after finishing his studies.




















































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